Vlog #128: rambling about a workbench and coffee table

Video Notes:

  • I went back to City Hardwoods a week or so ago. Got some nice 20″ wide mahogany and ambrosia maple.
  • The lumber is for an upcoming coffee table build. Not sure when I’ll start on this.
  • I made a hickory workbench to sell? ….nope. I changed my mind. It was an unplanned build. I’ll keep it for at least a few months, maybe forever.
  • The second workbench will replace the assembly table. I LOVE having a large assembly table and if I had a bigger shop I’d keep it. But it’s beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic in the shop and I’m wanting to eventually get a bigger planer which will make it even more tight. Ultimately, 2 workbenches > 1 workbench & 1 assembly table.
  • I’ve got a LOT of hickory offcuts in my way. I’ll probably be making a batch run of cutting boards. Any interest in a generic video for that? Maybe a timelaps?
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  1. I love watching your videos and reading your posts, usually my wife begins watching once I start. Keep posting and don’t be afraid to show how things sometimes go differently than planned. It makes the builds even better when adjustments are made to accentuate or hide a flaw.

  2. As I was watching you VLOG #128, I noticed the 20″ wide mahogany boards you were drying on top of your pine workbench. I liked the idea of using clamps and cauls to keep the boards straight as they acclimate to your shop. I used large packing quilts to cover surfaced boards to keep them from warping as well. The quilts insure that air doesn’t impact the boards on one surface more than another, which results in cupping and warping.

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