Vlog 133: MDF & IWF

Video Notes:

  • The office cabinets turned out just as I had expected.
  • Want to drive up viewer engagement? Mention the name Festool or use MDF :)
  • I’ll continue to monitor the heat in the electronics cabinet. So far the natural ventilation on the back of the cabinet is working as it should.
  • If you buy a shirt, sticker, or hat this week it won’t ship out until next week. That’s because…
  • I’m going to Atlanta, Georgia, for the International Woodworking Fair this week.
  • Next up for the office remodel is the computer desk. Bubinga. Bubinga. Bubinga!
  • Take care, friends.


  1. I love the stability and work-ability of MDF. I use it quite a bit. There’s no shame in the MDF game…. Keep up the good work, Jay! You do an amazing job with your media presence.

  2. Well I’ve been worrying about how to afford building shop cabinets here in Australia. Ply is $80 a sheet. MDF is $33 a sheet. Pretty strong argument!

    So, I figure plinth of 2×4’s to keep moisture away, then MDF

    By the way, just watched Mike Farrington do just the same a few days ago. Beautiful shop cabinets in MDF.

  3. I have been using mdf on and off for years. In fact my father helped build and run one of the first mills that made mdf.
    You just have to know when and how to use it as you have.

  4. Structurally, MDF leaves a lot to be desired. But it is nice and flat. Particle board is stronger than MDF and plywood stronger than that.

    For shop cabinets, I used flooring grade plywood with exterior glue. I put a solid wood edge on it. I also built a lot of drawers out of it. Other drawers are dovetailed of nicer plywood.

    If I did it again, I would use the $30 a sheet 3/4 plywood at Home Depot from Chile. I used it on a bathroom cabinet and am pleased with the results. The bathroom cabinet is painted inside and out. Structurally much better than MDF, about as cheap, and the dust is not nearly as nasty. But to each his own.

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