Vlog 136: Sponsors, Shop Tours, Too Critical

Video Notes:

  • You’re too hard on yourself… Not really. Analyze results and get better.
  • What do I think of the Laguna lathe? It’s too soon for me to make a review on it and I’m obviously going to have bias because that video was sponsored. I’ll update my thoughts after a few months of use. More info on the lathe here: http://get.lagunatools.com/1216-signup/
  • DA sander or sanding disk in a drill to get rid of the scratch rings. Of course. But I don’t have one and typically use what I have in the shop. Good advice in the comment section to that video. 
  • Sponsors… They’re coming and it’s going to be better for us all. More opportunity to try new stuff.
  • CNC work is coming as well. I’ll try to keep these posts between Wednesday and Friday so if you’re not interested in CNC stuff I won’t bother you on the weekends with it :)
  • Shawn Graham items: https://squareup.com/market/wortheffort-woodworking-store
  • Shop tour this Tuesday. Josh Thomas.
  • Next up is… bookcase or one of my parents turning a pen.


  1. Don’t think you should worry about sponsors.It is your living and you have to do what is best for you – and family – I do think it is a good idea to let us know when you are sponsored, Not so we can judge but it makes it more open and as long as you are ready to point out the plus and minuses it makes for a good test

  2. Jay – Did you say Hammer? I’ve been looking at the A3-31 for some time. I am actually looking forward to your sponsored reviews of equipment. Have a good one.

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  4. Jay, If you can’t show all of the videos on one channel, can you please post links so we can find them? I don’t follow you on Instagram but probably would. But having many outlets gets confusing to those of us who want to. Thanks, Dave

  5. Hi,
    I recently purchased a cnc like yours. I have had poor luck in finding videos that are truly creative with this machine. I’ll bet you can change this. So keep up the good work

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