Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #243 – May 4, 2019


Springtime is here, and lot’s of new “honey do” tasks are showing up on THE LIST. If yours includes fixing the fence or replacing some fence posts, this nifty trick might save you a lot of time and effort.
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Ben’s Worx

Ben’s Worx shows off some creativity in the kitchen in this turning video of a coffee bean rolling pin. Although, I would recommend filling and sealing after turning if you make one of these.
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Make Something

David from Make Something shares a personal project from years ago in this Mothers Day Video, where he repairs one of his first woodworking projects and demonstrates how to make an updated version of the project.
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Timber Anew

If you haven’t visited Timber Anew’s YouTube channel yet, this combination of leatherworking and woodworking is worth a watch. I love to see people mixing mediums to create unique pieces and this one doesn’t disappoint.
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Soat Mon

April showers brought May flowers, and, along with them, carpenter bees that plague our hoards of lumber. This simple carpenter bee trap can help save that slab you have been air drying for 2 years.
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One of the best feelings in the world is when our work inspires others to make something creative. In this video from ROCK N WOODWORKS, he credits his inspiration for this beautiful honey bee to a recent creation by another creative artist. Once again, this just shows why the woodworking community is the greatest community to be a part of.
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Cosmas Bauer

Drilling a perfectly centered hole on cylinder ends isn’t as difficult as I once thought. Not since seeing this video anyway. So simple.
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Transparent wood as a building material? Yeah, the whole “transparent wood” part threw me off too. This is a good read (and video) in regards to modifying wood to have better thermal insulating properties compared to glass. Interesting indeed. (click the image)

WOOD magazine

Time to get jiggy with it! 12 great jigs for the shop. Nothing else to say…just watch and build.
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