Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #248 – June 22, 2019

Every week I like to share a few things I find interesting. Mostly video content with an occasional website article. All of the content you will find in these posts is free to you. Remember that liking, subscribing, or sharing free content goes a long way in helping produce more free content. If you like that creator’s work, share it! Also, thank you to those who send me links through the week when you find something really interesting.

Matthias Wandel

Matthias is always excellent at explaining things. In this build video he’s actually building a smaller scaled down version of a previous build but at 1/4 scale. He explains the build not from the perspective of the 1/4 scale material stock but from the perspective of someone else building the full scale version. Not only is this smaller scale technique great for teaching but it’s also a great way of prototyping.
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Advoko MAKES

There’s nothing like winter camping in the snow. When it’s freezing cold outside and you’ve had your fill of nature for the day, you can use this slow burn tip to heat your tent and relax in the warmth. It’s also an effective way to help cook your dinner.
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Shawn Woods

Antique mouse traps are fascinating contraptions. The creativity that people put in to catching those pesky little creatures is indicative of the times and necessity. In this video, Shawn Woods demonstrates how to build an antique style mouse trap that not only looks interesting but seems like it would be effective.
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Taylor University Film and Media Production

Makers can do just about anything when we set our minds to it. This video tells the story of the midwesterner that set his mind to building a roller coaster in his backyard. Tired of spending thousands at the theme parks? Why not just bring the theme park home?
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Rex Krueger

Viking weaponry was some of the most brutal hand to hand combat weapons of its time and influenced many weapons that would be used around the world. This video from Rex Krueger demonstrates an ingenuitive way to produce one of the most important weapons for battle, the viking style shield.
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Herrick Kimball

A sharp chisel is an essential tool for any woodworker/carpenter, and there are many ways to sharpen them. If you aren’t ready to spend a hefty sum for a sharpening system and have an old belt sander lying around, this jig from Herrick Kimball can help to achieve the cutting edge needed to get the most out of the quintessential tool in the woodworker’s toolbox.
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Machine Thinking

Iron from sand? Yes. In fact, this oldest form of smelting produced an extremely desirable product used for making tools and weapons that were held in high regard for a long time. Ever wonder how people smelted iron before huge factories were utilized? Take a look at this video from Machine Thinking and see how a community of people come together to reproduce this ancient technique.
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Out of the Woods

I think a lot of people can take for granted the hard work, time, and patience someone puts into making something like a coffee table. Before it reaches the floor at the furniture store, a handcrafted table goes through a long journey to become the centerpiece of our living areas. This video from Out of the Woods exemplifies the process from milling to finished product and the time and patience it takes to make such a beautiful piece.
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