Vlog #143: A typical ramble..

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    • Yes I am. And it’s working great. But it’s a simple project that would essentially turn all three of the mini split heads into air cleaners while at the same time reducing maintenance on the units.

  1. Hey Jay! I hope that you are well my friend. One thing that I noticed that might help: those that heard your advice and want to support you more by watching your content on the website instead of Youtube cannot access the video description. It would be helpful to include that under the embedded video perhaps?
    Take care and all best wishes! Oh, and happy birthday to your little one! My daughter recently turned 10, time really flies, enjoy it before “the eyerolls” come… ;-)


    2nd,What are those “manly” out-feed rollers you have past your table saw out-feed table? Not sure I’ve seen you talk about them before.

  3. If you find something that works good without restricting flow for a pre filter on your mini splits please let us know. I tried that on mine and it greatly reduced air flow. The small fan in the mini split just didn’t seem to pull the air through good enough. I cut a poly filter and tried it on mine. I guess a cheaper filter wouldn’t restrict flow much but then it wouldn’t filter enough dust to do much good in my opinion.

  4. I watched this on you tube and you asked to watch on your web site so here I am. Happy Birthday to Tyler. The assembly table video was great. Like the way you made it to break down. Looking forward to seeing the next video. You have helped me out a lot in my shop and woodworking process. Thanks.

  5. Iā€™m hearing lots of clipping on the audio on this one Jay, good luck with the family get-together, sounds like a challenge!

  6. Jay, you really need to do a new shop tour. Things have changed so much. I never got a chance to get one done of my old shop before the move, and we will be months getting the new shop ready to do the first at our new location, which is much smaller.

  7. Hey Jay, the air filter situation is the main reason I have been looking for something else for my shop. I don’t have dust collection so there is just tons of it floating around all the time. Please keep us updated on performance after the install. I would like to know if they still perform as well as they do with just the factory filter. Thanks!

  8. Happy first birthday. I have a two year old grandson and I will tell you my CNC stays busy making things for him so get ready. Growth ruler, piggy banks, shape and Alphabet puzzles along with toys so start building your CAD files.

  9. So you got complaints on the CNC worktable build….I watched the CNC worktable build… I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be done without one. People are strange I guess.

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