Vlog #144: I was wrong

Video Notes:
– Thanks for watching on my website. It’s the best way you can support what I do without spending a dime.
– Router bit giveaway: https://jayscustomcreations.com/giveaway/
– Use the code JAYBATES to save 10% on your router/cnc bit purchase from Bits & Bits: http://bit.ly/322OOHa
– Tim Hall puzzle. I highly recommend these. Great product and you support a fellow craftsman: https://hallcastle.com/
– New garage doors. Two (2) 10’ x 8’ Raynor “TC200” series commercial sandwich style steel sectional garage door with polyurethane core and steel back, 2” normal headroom tracks, manual operation with interior slide lock. https://raynor.com/wp-content/uploads/literature/2908702-TC200-0219.pdf
– Drop social media. You won’t miss it. Continue to follow and support the content creators you enjoy but do so on their own platform or just on YouTube. Social media has gotten stale.


  1. I completely agree with your analogy of Social Media. Besides people posting just to post with watered down content. The biggest problem I had going back 9 years ago when I started my Kupka Improvements Page was Facebook limiting exposure. All of the Pages that I followed and communicated with said the same thing . They were limiting our Pages exposure because they wanted us to Pay to Boost Exposure. Which is pretty shady to say the least . Pages were figuring out ways around it. But we shouldn’t have had to Pay or do those time consuming steps to get exposure. I am glad you are keeping your Facebook account though . For some reason I always see your post on Facebook first . My email doesn’t always update unless I open it which I don’t mind . As usual I enjoyed your Vlog , rant and watching you get easily distracted, Hahahahaha. I hope your eye heals pretty quick . Glasses aren’t the end of the World . They are just annoying to have to clean constantly.

  2. Great work Jay – Appreciate what you’re doing for the community and for makers at large. :)

    I’ve had my mini-split in for just a month and the filters are pretty dirty already – I might make some version of what you’ve done for yours – a pre-filter definitely can’t hurt at all!

    And, as always – THANK YOU for the family friendly content :)


  3. Now that I know you get more from watching on your website, I only watch there. More revenue = continued content! Keep up the great work Jay. Still love the old starter cap and iPhone videos.

  4. It would be interesting to do extreme tests on your mini split. Test power consumption when the airflow is restricted (either fully or almost fully restricted), then test with as little constriction as possible (all filters removed) to get an idea on the behavior of its power consumption.

    Also, I always pull up your site when I’m working, even though I’m on other tabs or working in other areas, I hope this helps a little bit as well.

    • I’m debating doing a big spreadsheet breakdown just to test all scenarios. But unsure if the information is even necessary as it’s doing what I need it to do.

  5. I am now exclusively watching your content here on your website. I get the emails and click to come here.

    I don’t know that I can give up Instagram, even with it being watered down content. But I am on there less and less. I only tend to post what I’m working on. If I’m not building anything, I don’t post to keep up with the the stupid algorithm. I know many, many people use it daily and have built up a community around their accounts, but my daily life just isn’t that interesting to share what I’m having for dinner or to story about my trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s. I do have a few people I follow more closely, probably due to the algorithm. But I like to keep up with what they’re working on and to get some inspiration and motivation to build something. And Facebook groups, I find, are generally very helpful and beneficial. Until they get too big and then you get swallowed up in the FB algorithm.

  6. I hate what YouTube has become so I an glad to watch you on your website. I couldn’t agree more with your statement on social media.

  7. And Yes, the Lions got shafted by the refs, not once, but twice. And I’m tired of the league making what I consider excuses for them. My rant. Really like the site and look forward to more projects.

  8. Hey Jay – Just curious if you could explain more on HOW / WHY you make more with an embedded video on your web site vs. just watching the same video on YouTube? At first I assumed that you had some ads on your web site but I don’t see any so how exactly are you getting paid more by watching here? I’d like to take advantage of this myself if possible. Thanks!


  9. I swear to the wood gods that every time from now on, I am going to look for that chip-out in every video. I am not going to _mean_ to, but it is going to happen every time that vise ends up on camera and I am not going to be able to control it.

  10. I’m not a doctor but your eye looks like subconjunctival hemorrhage (see https://www.aao.org/eye-health/diseases/what-is-subconjunctival-hemorrhage for more info).

    I have the same thing and was really worried the first time but it usually isn’t something to be concerned about. It does frighten some people who look at you, especially when you have a bad episode with a seriously red eye. There may be a genetic component – does anyone in your family also have it?

  11. Hey, Jay! I ended up watching both on You Tube, and on here (does playing it at twice the normal speed and sliding the play button still count?!) :-)
    I’ve cut back on Instagram and Facebook too… A lot of repetition, between the two. That annoys me. Can’t fault foks for posting to both platforms, but it clutters up one’s feed.
    I guess I should pick one and delete the other Follow
    Thanks, for the videos.

  12. As far as that eye goes, your wife doesn’t happen to sleep on that side of the bed does she? I’d check her knuckles in the morning or maybe set up one of your cameras…

  13. I’m making my moxon vise from hickory. This is great, I’m all in on the hardware for about 25 bucks. That’s including the 5″ cast iron hand wheels, but I did have to drill and tap the hubs. Get that eye looked at.

  14. Jay, I think you had it right the first time about the current draw. If you restrict the air flow the current will go up because the motor is trying to maintain the same rpm and by restricting the air the motor is working harder. I love your videos, keep up the great work. You have come a long way since to started.

    • He did have it right the first time… restricting the air flow would require the motor to work harder to move the same amount of air – we adjust sheaves or VFD’s to overcome the static pressure resulting from filters, turns, etc. However – on the mini splits the air restriction will probably result in less air flow (the motor isn’t being adjusted I don’t think) resulting in less air flow across the coil – which creates its’ own set of problems, mainly reduced cooling capacity.

      • Using cheap fiberglass filters, instead of the better pleated filters, would probably allow for more airflow through the system if necessary. The pleated filters will definitely capture more of the fine particles, and should keep the HVAC system and the shop air cleaner. But even simple fiberglass filters should do a much better job than the wimpy screen filters installed in most of
        these mini-split systems.

  15. Jay, I’m proud of you making that decision about your social media. It’s a start.
    I started closing my SM accounts in 2012 and by early 2014, I was social media free. I reserve a couple hours in the evening to and weekend mornings to watch channels I follow: Wood Working, Prospecting, and a couple political commentary channels.
    Back in 2012, I would be online as much as 14 hours a day. What a difference it has been. Keep it (what you do) up.

  16. I agree with Chip on the air flow. You got it right thr first time. If you restrict the air flow it causes the fan motor to work harder getting the air to move, thus requiring the motor to draw more amps..

  17. Jay, may I suggest a useful app for your phone? Clinometer. It is a level device. either 1 direction of 2 at the same time.

  18. Just a thought as you mentioned that just looking at wenge will give you a splinter, is there any chance you got a bit of wenge in your eye as you were looking at it.

  19. Thanks for the info… e.g. 1) watch on website ’cause the “tube” doesn’t fairly compensate for GREAT content; 2) Exposing more reality regarding “social media.” I’ve watched and appreciated your content for quite a while… keep the great stuff coming!

  20. I’ve been watching your videos and posts for awhile. I was wondering what happened to you….. Now it makes sense with the break from social media. I had to chuckle a little but when you talked about productivity. I was watching your video while i was supposed to be working at my corporate job. I think i might need to revisit social media as well. Problem is I’m doing corporate job (Software developer) during the day and a small woodworking company at night. My phone is my only “Computer” time away from the office.


  21. Jay, Ive been following you off and on since the days of a shop in an unused apartment, (if i remember that correctly)
    I have a swing on my porch that I made from your design but was re-purposed 2×4’s from the forms from the sidewalk we poured 5-6 years ago. I need o get my butt in gear and do some refinishing on it but it’s still as solid as the day I brought it out of the shop.

    Have you ever considered doing a class at Weekend with Wood? (ask April, she was there last spring.

    Keep the goo stuff coming and stop poking yourself in the eye!

  22. Been following you for about a year love what you make I would like to swap stickers with you haw do I go about doing that. Thank you in advance

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