Vlog 145: Normal vlog + A unique opportunity for you

Video Notes:

– The thumbnail for this video was auto generated from YouTube. Looks like I’m up to something though haha.
– To the veterans out there, thank you for your service. It’s much appreciated.
– The moxon vise video was to promote my friend Jonathan’s moxon vise templates: https://www.katzmoseswoodworking.com/new-products
– I’m going to make a “pimp my moxon vise” style video. Not the style of the Pimp My Ride MTV show but a video customizing the vise.
– Upcoming giveaway will be pretty cool :)
– Some other stuff. Is anyone even reading this?


  1. I’ve have always been fascinated with the use of pantorouters in some of the videos that I’ve seen. It’s kind of blows my mind with everything that can be done with them. Excited to see your upcoming videos. Your daughter is so beautiful. It’s crazy how fast they grow. I have a 3.5 year old daughter but it still seems like my wife and I were bringing her home like a couple months ago.

  2. I’m definitely entering my name for this. I’d drive the +/- 7hrs from GA to spend the day or part-day with you in the shop. Getting a Pantorouter on top of that would just be icing on the cake~!
    Jay, you’re a jewel of a guy~!

    • How is it confusing? 2 days ago I mentioned I am delaying the next giveaway and will be doing an “end of 2019” giveaway. I haven’t announced it yet. In the mean time, know that you can always use the search function on this website to see if something has been posted :)

  3. I have an early tilting table pantorouter that i found on ebay. I have contacted the ditributer in the UK about up dating it to the latest spec but they did not seem too interested. I would be interested in an article or video on the upgrades you perform.
    I used to watch your channel on you tube and am still subscribed but your channel but pantorouter videos just popped up on my feed.
    Glad to have rediscovered your videos.

  4. “Royally” great stuff. I have Matthias plans to make a pantorouter, but would rather win one and woodwork! Love what you said about your 13 month old… Have a 1 year old foster soon who changes every day!


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