Vlog #146: BIG Bubinga

Video Notes:

– With nearly 36 continuous hours of below freezing temperatures outside the shop heating was barely tested. The insulation seems to be doing it’s job well and the mini split system seems to be sized perfectly for this space. I’m quite pleased at how well the combination of those two kept the shop comfortable with no cold spots in the shop.
– Use the code JAYBATES to save 10% on your router/cnc bit purchase from Bits & Bits – bitsbits.com
– CNC plaque video will be on the CNC channel. I’ll try to keep all the “CNC heavy” projects and videos there: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc9wUN5w3rAkZD1W8DizTUQ?
– Check out John Heisz’s website: https://ibuildit.ca/
– I tell people that if they want to support what I do without spending a dime the best thing you can do is read the articles and watch my videos on my website. The reason is it is the best thing you can do without spending a dime is that there are more ads on my website. My last calculation for YouTube revenue was about $2.80-ish (I don’t recall the exact number) per thousand views. On my website it’s literally 10 times that amount at $30 per thousand views. The only downside to this is that there are a lot of ads on my website. Because the majority of my website traffic is from casual viewers from google search and other platforms like Pinterest I don’t have any desire to reduce the number of ads on the website. The majority of viewers just don’t care. About once per month I’ll get an email from someone complaining about the ads on my website. My answer to them is to just download an ad blocker and run it while viewing my website. I’d rather you get the information you are after without me making any money vs you not even being here because of the ads. I’d also recommend that you keep the ad blocker off by default and only enable it on sites that you find to be too annoying with ads. Ads are a big part of many creators and businesses providing information and simply removing them entirely will remove a lot of the incentive for published information.
– Sofa table sitting bench will be the next project video.
– SketchUp video for the sofa table sitting bench will be out a day or so before the table video.
– The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is a nice group of software. It’s also a money pit. I haven’t 100% pulled the plug on Premiere Pro and Photoshop but I’m really close to it. Davinci Resolve 16 is a good alternative for video editing. And it’s free.
– I haven’t launched the end of year giveaway yet. Waiting on a few router bits to come in for photos.
– Use code damnthatwasalongvlog for 10% off any purchases on my website this week :)


  1. Did you go Intel or a Ryzen 7? For video and photo editing right now Ryzen 7 seems to be the ticket, says my son who’s a professional photographer and editor. My expertise is zilch, ????.

  2. Jay,
    Love your work and work ethic. In your Vlog #146 you began talking about computer terminology which sounded to me as an adult speaking in a “Peanuts “ holiday special. I so want to become more proficient in your video processing routine. Do you have, or direct me to, education material about filming, editing, distributing and storage of your content?

  3. I have such a hard time not calling it Bazinga. :)

    I briefly dabbled in the whole bitcoin thing. As a result, I have a “miner” system with three GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards. It’s been powered down for a while now. If you’re building something that can use GPU’s and want a cheap price on one or two of them, let me know.

  4. Loved the video, especially the bubinga board standing on edge. Ever try to stand a quarter on edge? Numerous physics laws in effect. The fact that when you placed it back on the bench with little balance effort was great! That showed that your edge was square and your table was level. As Frank Klausz says in his dovetail videos when standing the pin board on the tail board, “the gravity is working for you”.

    With respect to item #9 on the video, your “lack-luster” table. Consider this, with the current design and using wood suitable for use outdoors, I don’t know a home gardener that would object to having such a beautiful table to place outdoor flowers on. Exquisite for that purpose. You should publish the initial version for just such a purpose. I know my wife would like it if I made her several of those!

  5. So are you going to be using a Windows or Linux in the future, given that both Gimp and DaVinci Resolve can be run on Linux? I made the switch to Ubuntu from Windows earlier this year and I couldn’t be happier. I still need a Windows VM for Sketchup, but that’s all the VM is used for, so not a real resource hog in the grand scheme of things. Speaking of Sketchup, I love your videos on using that program. They are clear and concise (at least for me) and you’ve helped me gain a better understanding of a lot of shortcuts for getting things done faster.

  6. Hi Jay, regarding the water/glue item you mentioned, the only thing that comes to mind is if PVC glue was being used. That’s my experience when using it (mostly for outdoor projects) since it’s the only glue I’m aware of that’s water activated. Just my 2cents worth…

  7. Jay , you probably don’t remember I was “The Voice of Reason” when I first started on YouTube.
    I am now Protect Your Digits Creations on Instagram and YouTube.
    I must tell you that as John motivated you, You motivated me. All the way from the apartment house workshop to the two-car garage to this beautiful shop.
    So allow me to Thank you .


  8. Jay, I suffer from migraines and those advertisements that flash onto the screen are really bad for me. For most migraine sufferers .. just saying. The static advertisements are okay, and I often click on one. But please kill the flashing ads.

    My anti flash ad hack … … watch the videos on a tablet and zoom in on the video, leaving the flash rabbits off to the left. the problem is, I rarely go back to your email after reading it so if I am on my PC when I read the email I don’t look at your videos.

  9. Hi Jay,
    I watch your vid`s on your site instead of YT for a while now with the intention you would benefit more from them.
    So you did good mentioning the add-blocker in vlog 146…. I don`t know why I had not realized the implications of my add-blocker setting BLOCK ALL, but from now your site is the only exception.
    Thanks for all your content en open communications in your vlogs, and enjoy my contribution ($30,00 / 1000 ) ;-)

  10. You should take a lesson from Stumpy Nubs and take off your ring when using the power tools.
    He didn’t and it cost him a bit of unnecessary pain.

  11. Love your stuff. I will never be like you however, I can continue to fantasize. Keep up the awesome work.

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