Superior Artisan Wood & Slab – Mississippi Hardwood Mill and Kiln

I found Chad Fletcher a few years back from another woodworker in Mississippi. Since then I’ve purchased quite a bit of lumber from him and watched his business grow each year. With the recent addition of a vacuum kiln I asked him if I could shoot a video showcasing what he does. This was recorded mid January, 2020, on my visit to pick up 500 board feet of a beautiful, clear ash log. As Chad continues to adjust his business model to meet the demands of the market, he re branded from GoodWood Sawmill to Superior Artisan Wood & Slab. The new name is one that better represents the business moving forward.

Based out of Tupelo, Mississippi, Superior Artisan Wood & Slab offers slabbing and  dimensional lumber milling, vacuum kiln drying, and domestic and exotic hardwood sales.
Contact Chad via one of the following:
Phone 662-321-2732
Project packs for sale


    • It’s a measure of atmospheric pressure. 30 inches of mercury is (more or less) one atmosphere (15 lbs per sq in) at sea level.

  1. Chad just sent me a pack of cherry to the coast, I’m looking forward to turning that beautiful wood into a table in the near future !

    • Actually he misspoke: The terminology is inches of mercury. A measure of atmospheric pressure. It’s the standard unit of measure of a typical barometer.

      • I noticed that. Roughly (very roughly) 1 inch of mercury is equal to 2 Psi. But it depends on weather you are measuring absolute or relative to atmosphere which is variable. Standard sea-level pressure, by definition, equals 760 mm (29.92 inches) of mercury, 14.70 pounds per square inch. Anyway doesn’t really matter, I imagine just follow the machine directions and you are good to go :-)

  2. He’s not “that” far from me. Any idea if he’s going to update his site to include the packages and lumber he mentioned being available at the end of the video?

  3. But how does that type of sawmill create slabs wider than the blade diameter? I’m assuming in this case 16” would be the widest?

    • The blade is switched out for a bar attachment. It basically turns the mill into a huge 30 HP chainsaw on rails. I didn’t have the opportunity to catch any footage of that.

  4. One of the better “sawmilling” videos. Greatly appreciated the brevity and level of detail. I will be checking out his Etsy store!

  5. Dang I think that’s the longest link I’ve ever copied. I added him to my contacts in my phone. I tried it and just like that I was in his Etsy site. ???? Thanks Jat great video & information. Bob in Las Vegas, NV

  6. Great video! It is always exciting to find a good supplier of hardwoods. We are lucky down here in Mobile, we have the state docks and have a supplier who stocks and ships huge quantities all over the world, and now they have opened to retail, Jubilee Specialty Hardwoods. It’s so nice to be able to get what you prefer and not have to use what you can find!

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