Vlog 156: 22 projects in 7 days..

Video Notes:
– 7 people in the house for 6 nights and 9 people in the house for 5 nights. So much fun spending time with family.
– 22 projects made in one week.
– Red paper wasps. 4 sings on 3 people in 3 days. Not fun. I’m on a wasp hunting rage..
– Next project video is my dad’s tables. It was an interesting and productive experiment.
– More family over the weekend so I’ll likely not publish anything this weekend either.
– Long list of non project videos coming. Workbench holding, shop safety, shop tour, tool talk bandsaw, tool talk belt sander.


  1. Thanks Jay.
    My shop great time comes whenever my Grand Daughter is here. I started her in the shop when she was 6. She is now 21 and getting married in the Fall. Our last project together was making replacement gates for her 4 stall horse barn. The horses, owned by a former farm owner, had pretty much destroyed them. She is now raising goats and using the barn for them. I bought the materials for her and she used my tools, while I supervised and held the other end of long pieces. I don’t worry about her using tools any more. She has used almost everything in my shop.

  2. No paper wasps in my area, but I take care of carpenter bees, and other insects with tempo 1% dust and a duster. If you can get this dust anywhere where the insect will crawl through, you’ll have a dead bug. This stuff is WAY more effective than any spray can bee killer I’ve ever seen.

  3. Great video, Jay! I could see the enthusiasm you had describing your family’s visit. My son and I recently visited family in Chicago area over the 4th, and fully agree, family times are awesome! Look forward to these videos, keep them coming! Oh, brother got stung in Chicago on back of the neck, nice to know it was a paper wasp, please share what fixes the issue when you find it!

    Your distant cousin in Edmond, OK (we met in Skiatook a few years back at Ted’s place. Nice you still are wearing his hat!

  4. Hi Jay~!
    Yeah, spend all the time with family that you can, especially being geographically dislocated. It feels good seeing the youngins tinkering around in the shop and (possibly) turning into a future woodworker.

    The relief cut of the Great Lakes looked really cool~! I couldn’t help but think that it would also look good with some blue tinted epoxy/resin in the basins representing the water. Looked great nonetheless.

    Also, you mentioned your project using Wenge. If you’ve not seen it yet, take a look at Mike Pekovich’s “tea box” on Fine Woodworking’s website or on YouTube. He shows a finishing technique using a wire brush and steel wool to bring out the texture of Wenge’s otherwise dead, flat surface. I made one of his tea boxes for my daughter using the technique he demonstrated and what a difference~! I don’t know that type of texturing will be suitable for the project you have in mind, but it’s a really cool technique to see and try.
    Take care~!

  5. Being from Michigan I like the great lakes walnut it would sell great at any of the up north shops. Living in Fort Worth the Texas – Michigan caught my eye.

    Would like to know, are all the Detroit sports teams represented in your shop? I keep looking for the Pistons.

  6. You talk to a lot of old folks like me, I’m 84 years old, and very few will say “I wish I had spent more time on the job and less time with my love ones”

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