Vlog 158: You’re doing what with your workbench??

I’m not sure when the raffle will be but I’ll let you all know. The raffle will be a pickup only situation. I’m not shipping this beast. That’s a headache I don’t want to deal with. By going with a raffle, someone can win the workbench with just $10 + travel expenses to come get it.


  1. Do you plan on filming filling the gaps in the workbench? I’m building one now and a found a couple of gaps after laminating the top. Curious on your process whether or not you’ll tint the epoxy.

  2. Nothing to do with the workbench but, just glad to see you and your family survived the storm and seem to be doing ok.


    • Intermittent fasting and no processed food. Nothing from a can or box. Only one ingredient foods, other than basic spices and seasonings and every now and then some bbq sauce.

  3. Hi Jay, while I think the raffle idea is great, it may or may not actually be a good idea.
    I did not dive deep into the Mississippi laws, but I did check to see if raffles are regulated and they are.
    Please look at Sections 97-33-1 through 97-33-49 of the gaming regulations.
    You are a YouTube celebrity and there are mean people in the world that just cause trouble.
    I have been a fan from the beginning and don’t want you to have any hassles over something that is intended to be a very nice beneficial gesture.
    Best regards,
    Charlie Hinton

    • You’re right. I looked into it too. The government gets in the way of all the fun. I’ll likely just auction it off with no reserve. If it sells for $20 then kudos to the winner :)

      • Our RC model airplane club ran into raffle issues about 10 years ago, fortunately where we fly them is just a very small rural Texas town and the county sheriff just told us we couldn’t do it and to refund the tickets.
        If I was closer I would buy this from you at a fair price, but Dallas is too far away … unless you could get the Garland Rockler store to handle the transportation ;-).

      • you could look around for charities in your area that may already be doing raffles and see if you could partner up with them to perform the raffle for you(and they get the proceeds). They would already have at least some of the paperwork done, you could get them some exposure, and some donations at the same time.

  4. Hey Jay!! I’d come get that table! You already know I’m crazy so count me in for the raffle or what ever you want to call it! I’ll bring Indy with me! She is doing great by the way!

  5. Im in for a raffle. Your asking price was fair just more than i had to spend. Ill come get it! Just down the road in Winona, MS.

  6. Wow, you’re just 20 minutes south of Atlanta, wish I’d known that sooner–I’m about 45 minutes north (well, in the few minutes between rush hours).

    But the east-west time shift is a killer!

  7. Graduated from Mississippi State so very familiar with that zip code! Hope the raffle works out because I’d love to make a trip back to my Alma Mater! I’m currently waiting on lumber prices to go back down before building your workbench in pine! Whoever ends up with your bench is one lucky individual!

  8. It sucks that the Blue Laws in the South are so terrible that a raffle is considered gambling. In looking for a method for you to make the sale, might I propose that you auction off the workbench. Mississippi Code 73-4-5-(d) states “A sale conducted by an individual of his own property if such individual is not engaged in the business of selling such property as an auctioneer on a recurring basis.”

    I regularly see tool auctions on Facebook, so that might be an acceptable.

    Or you could do a mail-in sealed bid with a bid opening video. [Mississippi Code 73-4-5-(g)]

    As I reside in Baton Rouge, LA. I am very interested in a chance to “win” the workbench.

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