Leather Woodworkers Apron After 3 Years

I purchased my apron in August of 2017 and it arrived in September of 2017. Three years have passed since then. How is it holding up? Great! No flaws in the craftsmanship or materials. Watch the video for all the details and for the reason why I got apron #2 a few months ago.

I have no affiliate relationship with Leather By Dragonfly and have nothing to gain or lose if you do or do not buy anything from them. Leather By Dragonfly: https://www.leatherbydragonfly.com/


  1. Great video Jay. Had the canvass from Patrick and Michelle since June and still figuring out how to lay it out. I want to stay simple, not over loaded, but have the needed tools. First apron for me so probably some overthinking too. Anyway, have me a couple ideas, thanks. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for being so generous to supply the plans, and video to us beginning wood workers. I’ve only made 2 bar stools from 2×4’s. Turned out great.

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