Vlog #163: Same Shop, Half The Space

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  1. looks much better more like the old shop, love that it now gives you plenty of space to possibly work on a car/truck or any garden machinery / kids stuff (bikes etc.) in the cool / dry. A+++

  2. Thank you for the update. I’m putting sheeting on my walls now and will move my equipment in soon. Your design ideas sparked me to rethink my layout. Great content! Your new fitness look spark me to make time for exercise.

  3. A shop revamp now and then is a good thing. It’s rejuvenating in a lot of ways. My last one was about 2 years ago. Greatly improved my workflow/productivity. Great job on making your shop more efficient!

  4. You’ve got the new lifter gainz Jay! I’ve been lifting since January, pretty exciting seeing progress, you can definitely tell you’ve added some lean mass, congratulations!

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