Vlog #164: Fence, Cannon, Stronglifts 5×5

Video notes:
– Vacation was great. No, it wasn’t poop on her hands..
– Outdoor kitchen design update. No more fireplace. Design to match the shop, not our house.
– I removed 360′-ish of privacy fence on our property. It was a CHORE. Lots of manual labor lessons learned. Editing the video for it soon.
– I’m working on a cannon carriage. Specifically, relocating the elevation screw.
– Want to join me getting stronger? I’m starting a 12 week 5×5 program that only works compound movements. Focusing on the major three movements: squat, press, deadlift. Download the Stonglifts 5×5 program and input your numbers. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stronglifts.app Join my Telegram group chat that I started for this program https://t.me/joinchat/-DegeUfeXco0YTZh


    • And we loved the story about your daughter in the Waffle House! We’ve lived those moments with our two more than once and they are the best memories.

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