BrOOM Stick Safe Organizer

I’ve been staying busy in my shop assisting Santa’s elves with the holiday gift push. One of those items is a “BrOOM stick” safe organizer. I’m just introducing it in this video to gauge interest to see if this could be a physical product or maybe a set of plans with 1:1 printable diagrams for some pieces.


  1. This would have been good for April Fools day! Armalite brushes? That’s good ! Especially the “nice” ones…and I wonder how many will catch the double meaning BrOOM title?

    Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the caliber of projects, by taking them all in lock, stock and barrel. But when you set your sights on a distant target, the scope of it all becomes quite clear.

    Bulls eye!!! Keep reloading…


  2. Your video was great – hand brushes, dust pans and broom sticks! I can only imagine how tough it was to say the entire time… I would LOVE to reorganize my broom stick closet if you end up deciding to sell this as a product!

  3. Excellent video!
    I have heard broomsticks, hand brushes, and dust pans can be sensitive to moisture, and I have also heard that unfinished wood can hold onto a lot of moisture. With that in mind, are you going to put a finish on these pieces? If so, what kind? I am interested because you say they still have to snap together when installed.

  4. In my experience i have found that unless the notches are padded the finish on the broomstick will be marked. I have also found some broomsticks seem to be stuck together creating a double side by side style broomstick.

  5. Thanks Jay. I have no idea how you kept a straight face videoing this. I am surprised that you didn’t mention the whisk BrOOM as being the shorter cleaning device. I have given some thought to a similar project to safely store and protect my BrOOMs and was considering designing a swing out panel so that more BrOOMs could be safely stored. I also protect my BrOOMs with desiccant and heaters so that the broomstick handles and bristles are not adversely affected by humidity so the shelfs would be useful.

  6. Not even half way through the video and I’m laughing at BrOOM stick every time you say it. I applaud your willingness to keep a straight face to get around the algorithms.

  7. Wonderful video. I would be very interested in purchasing a similar organizer for my BrOOM storage. My storage is a Cannon brand and I suspect is the same size. My storage also has pouches on the interior of the door. The pressboard shelving supplied with the storage system is 16 inches deep. My storage is currently chock a block full of brooms and supplies. My better half tells me I have a BrOOM hoarding problem…

  8. You certainly cleaned up with this video, Jay. Since they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, I’ve always had a wide variety of broomsticks. So many so, your design would require/benefit from a modular approach so as to accommodate a lot more brooms and the ability to expand or reconfigure portions to fit our cleaning needs. For instance, if a person should have a variety of cleaning opportunities, they might need to purchase different portions to properly secure a couple dozen brooms and maybe fewer foxtail brushes.

  9. Very nice, I wish I had a safe to lock up my broom sticks and dust pans. You did a great job staying on point.

  10. Witches all over will be wanting the plans. Well done mate.👍
    From us down under, a very Merry Christmas too you and yours.
    (Please give Tyler Kay a big cuddle from her “not grandfather” in Australia. You never know, y’all may get down here one day. 👍

  11. It is crazy to me that we are at a point that we have to worry about everyone’s feelings on every little thing. If you aren’t interested in a subject matter don’t watch. Why those of us who have “brooms and hand brushes” have to be careful about our subject matter but people on the other side of the aisle don’t is beyond me. Nonetheless great video.

  12. I posted a comment but it appears to have been deleted .🤔
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a safe and wonderful 2022.🎆

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