The Preservation and Restoration of a Limber Chest

In this video, my friend Duffy and I restore and preserve a limber chest from the 1800s. If you’re interested in more videos like this one I have a whole category of videos like this that you can check out. We have a video on a Howitzer chest, daytime and nighttime firing of a sweetgum mortar, a rolling forge, and relocating an elevating gear. Click here for all of the related


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for detailing the preservation of this fine old chest.
    My 2nd great grandpa, John Wesley James, was a member of the Richmond Howitzers, and likely handled a chest just like that one through the woods of Northern Virginia. Your video helps me with my model of a Parrott Rifle of the period.

    I plan to divert my next car trip from Texas to VA, so I can visit this great museum.

  2. Thanks guys for your fine restoration of this limber chest ! What a worthy project. You two should be very proud of the finished product .Every detail attended to . Sure wish I could visit the museum. Thanks again. Your efforts don’t go unrecognized .

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