Clean Drinking Water with a Reverse Osmosis System

Adding a reverse osmosis water filtration system is a quick and easy upgrade that anyone can complete. It’s not complicated, and just about all of the kits include all of the hardware to make it a plug-and-play upgrade.

We live in a community with supplied water that smells and tastes like community pool water. Instead of drinking it, we have been buying one-gallon jugs of spring water for the past few years. That’s not great for a few reasons. First, it’s an ongoing expense that will never end, and second, the contribution of single-use plastics to landfills is not something I’m proud about.

The solution I settled on is to install an under-sink reverse osmosis filtration system. I researched many options and found this one to have the best performance when the filtered water was tested.


  1. Hi, Jay,
    I installed a reverse osmosis system in our previous house and it produced excellent water for years. But we downsized and off-gridded and collect rain water now. Reverse osmosis water considerable amounts of water. What we use now is a Berkey Filter water purifier. No wasted water. No energy used. (

    You can use any water as the source.
    Excellent water produced! :-)

    I highly recommend it, especially for van life or tiny houses, or off-grid living.



  2. Oh my. Pool water taste is from chlorine.
    Sorry Jay but you’re over complicating things. Elaborate build for storage as long as you can keep it organized that exact same way. Luckily you had a SS sink and not cast iron.
    If I had that issue I probably would have gone whole house system. Bathing and bathroom sinks for washing your teeth etc.

  3. Seems to me that if the community water is that bad, those who ‘run’ the community should be doing something about it. I’d bet there’s some kind of Federal grant available to offset some or all of the expense.

  4. Hey Jay I did the same type of R.O. installation years ago and it works great. One suggestion would be to install the filters on drawer slides also to make changing filters easier and less chance of water spills inside the cabinet. Another thought is if your fridge has an ice maker run a line from the R.O. to the fridge. I’ve been following you for years and you always have functional and great ideas.
    Keep up the great work.

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