Testing the BitsBits SF525 Surfacing Bit

NOTE: I misspoke in the video. The max RPM is 14,000. NOT the 14,500 that I was running it at. That said, I did successfully test it at 14,500..

I have a marketing relationship with Bits&Bits. They make great quality router bits and I have no worries aligning my brand with theirs. I’ve been using their bits for a few years now with nothing but great results. If you’re in the market for quality router bits at competitive prices I encourage you to check out Bits&Bits. Use the code JAYBATES for 10% off your purchase.

Link to the SF525 on bitsbits.com: https://bitsbits.com/product/bitsbits-sf525-surfacing-router-bit/

The SF525 is a 2-1/2″ diameter flattening bit that features two Astra-coated carbide inserts. I received this bit a few months before the product was launched for testing purposes. With this bit, I have been able to achieve the most aggressive feeds and speeds for slab flattening. I’m sure you can remove more material and be even more aggressive but these numbers are already as aggressive as I feel comfortable with on my machine.

I prefer to take multiple shallow passes vs a deeper, slower pass. The faster shallow passes allow me to sneak up on the “maximum allowable thickness” which is often the desired result of slab flattening. With this bit (and the original carbide inserts) I’ve flattened the included items in this video as well as three large epoxy/wood river tables with great results.

A price break is included when purchasing the bit, a pack of replacement carbide inserts, and a wrench with a replacement screw. However, you can purchase any of those three individually.