SketchUp: Extension to help with manual layouts

Over the years, I’ve developed a SketchUp workflow that is very efficient for me. I start with a 3d wireframe boundary box with no faces and create a component. Then model the actual project inside that wireframe. Once the model is complete, I copy it to the right and then lay it flat on rectangles sized to whatever material I am using. Mostly, 48 x 96″ rectangles.

Many programs, apps, and extensions handle the layout process for you, but I haven’t found one that I prefer over doing it manually. For example, the project in the video was cut on five sheets of material. Once imported into VCarve Pro for CNC machining, I used the nesting feature, and no matter what settings I chose, the result was a six-sheet nest. Software is not always as efficient as it may seem. Also, manually placing all my parts lets me control grain direction better.

In this video, I show the use of the Curic Align extension. It allows you to align all selected components to a particular plane. This does quick work of orienting all the parts to layout on a sheet. The extension is free. I hope this helps!


  1. Tried to load this on my vision Sketchop Pro 2022 and it says noit compatible. I will visit authors website, but thi is a head’s up

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