Laser Business First Two Months – xTool P2 55W CO2 laser

xTool P2 Laser info:

→ 40 sets of just LED light bases:
→ 12 pack of LED light base and acrylic:
→ 4mm acrylic:
→ 20oz Tumblers:
→ Earrings design 1:
→ Earrings design 2:
→ Basswood Plywood 12x24x1/8:
→ Basswood Plywood 12x12x1/8:
^^^ It’s cheaper to buy the 24″ length and cut it in half at the time of posting.
→ Dog tags:
→ Military dog tags:
→ Wood cookie Christmas Ornament:


  1. Hi Jay, Thanks for sharing, I have been thinking about purchasing one of these. I have been trying to justify the cost. The thing we do not take into account is as you said shipping and handling. I would like to understand how the creations are created. I wish you both all the best in the new venture.

  2. Great to see you and Jamie enjoying yourselves and making a bit of cash as well. Another suggestion for her product list is leather book marks, I buy leather offcuts and as long as you have pale/light leather, you can engrave it or dark leather just cut to fancy shapes.

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