Vlog 173: Riser Block, Movie Theatre, Jerky, Projects

A normal vlog update.

  • Riser Block
  • Camping recommendation
  • Outdoor movie theater experience?
  • Jerky recipe?
  • YES, I keep shellac in a sprayer at all times and never clean it out. No problems.
  • Upcoming stuff


  1. Jay:
    I had a similar 14″ band saw for many years. The blade guide system was made of pot metal and one day cracked and crumbled. I could not find replacement parts. That wasn’t all that upsetting to me as it justified my purchase of a new larger more feature endowed band saw. But what could I do with the old one? I decided to convert it to a strip sander, mostly because I didn’t know what else to do with it. I drilled holes in the table to mount a National heavy 8″ ell bracket for a back support to the sanding strip. I epoxied a wood strip the same width onto the upright of the ell to soften the back support some against the paper. I ordered 1″ wide belt aluminum oxide 80 grit the proper length from Econaway Abrasives.
    This turns out to be one of the best tools in my shop. I am constantly using it to sand hard to get surfaces, or to sharpen and clean up tools. I even touch up my lawn mower blade on it. It is a heavy-duty strip sander much better than many available. Because the belt is so long, the sandpaper lasts a long time. Anyone that has an older band saw they don’t know what to do with I recommend this.

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