Vlog 174: A Week of Gift Making

This week, I started another gift for my daughter. Halfway through the week, I realized I had family coming to visit for a few days. For the past three years, I’ve helped my wife’s cousin make a few Christmas gifts. So my gift project was paused and we knocked out a bunch of stuff for him to give. Helping other people in my shop is something I always enjoy. This was a fun week.

What do you have going on this week? Are you working on anything super interesting?


  1. Yes I just finished ornamental Christmas trees for grand daughters to paint, now I’m carving a salad bowl for my wife even though I’m a woodturner mum making the bowl with an adze and chisels, 12 days to finish it, made from hard Polynesian mahogany from Palmerston island in the Cook Islands.


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