Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your full time job?

I do not make and sell woodworking items for a living. Since August 22, 2014, My full time career has been creating content for this website. The subject of that content is woodworking.

How can I make a living woodworking?

I have never made my primary income by woodworking so I can’t offer any advice here. My income comes from website advertising, video advertising, and paid plan sales. None of which bring in anything to brag about but combined they do pay the bills and provide for my family.

What camera equipment do you use?

See my tools and resources page.

How do you fund your projects and videos?

My shop, website, and projects are all funded by the income mentioned above.

I really appreciate what you do. How can I show my support?

If you would like to show your support at no cost at all to you you can do so by commenting and sharing anything on this website. That’s what has the greatest impact on helping me keep this ball rolling. But ONLY if you actually like the content. If you would like to directly help support my videos and website you can do so by either purchasing one of my detailed paid plans. Every bit is much appreciated and helps me to continue to provide free content.

How much do you sell your benches and picnic tables for?

I started my business by selling benches and picnic tables in 2013. Most people tell me I’m crazy after hearing this but keep in mind that I live in Mississippi which is the poorest state in the USA. I sold a non treated, non stained and sealed 4′ bench for $40. Add $15-$20 for treated lumber or water sealer. I sold my strong 6′ picnic tables for $150-$175 sealed and ready to go. This was in 2013 and the cost of everything was lower. I cannot tell you how much to sell yours for.

How much should I charge to make this for someone?

I cannot price another individual’s labor. Obviously you have to cover the materials cost so there’s no help needed there. Above that it’s purely up to how much you value your time. I will say this though; I’d rather not have a sale than under-bid my time.

Is your shop in your home?

What video editing program do you use?

When I was running Linux I used KDEnlive and it worked great. In 2013 I built a video editing PC (still using it in August 2019) which doesn’t play well with KDEnlive so I had to switch to the Windows where I used Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12. A few years after that I switched to Premiere Pro to do cloning work and have since stuck with it.

Why do we see a bunch of Detroit sports gear if you are in Mississippi?

I was born and raised just west of Detroit in Livonia Michigan. I’m a big Lions and RedWings fan. I’m not too fond of baseball and unfortunately the Pistons aren’t worth watching anymore.

I have a question about one of your tools…

See my tools and resources page.