Canoe’s 6 Foot 2×4 Porch Swing

Canoe Songe built a 6 foot version of my 2×4 porch swing. I have to say he did a better job than me. The only downside to his changes is the LSU lettering in the back! (I can’t support a conference rival) Canoe writes:

My friend asked if I could build her a simple inexpensive six foot swing. This was about a day or two after I saw you make the four foot one. I just had to change a couple of the measurements and I was good to go. The hardest part of the whole build was finding twelve foot 2×4 that were straight. I did add another brace in the center. I gave it the Big Boy test and figured a little extra support would not hurt. And that really got rid of any flex at all. I also counter sunk the screws and plugged the holes. I find that this helps with outdoor furniture to last a little longer, making less open wood to weather. I really want to thank you for such an easy build and she wanted me to thank you for such an easy price tag.

Man, you did a great job! Plugging the screw holes is a nice touch. Canoe is another one of us woodworkers who has project updates on Keek. He also has a Facebook page you can check out as well. Here are a few pics of his swing followed by the finished result. His customer stained it with Minwax Polly-Shades Pecan Gloss. Great job Canoe!

6 foot 2x4 porch swing 1 6 foot 2x4 porch swing 2 6 foot 2x4 porch swing 3 6 foot 2x4 porch swing 4


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