1. Hi Jay,

    I know it’s an older project but I need to replace my older kitchen table and I like the simple clean design you used. What I wanted to know was how did you joint the legs to the rails and then the top? Also did you just laminate to 2x4s to create the legs? Thanks and I love your channel!


    • Hey Adam. The entire construction of this table is via pocket hole screws. The legs are two 2x4s glue together and trimmed down to 3″x3″. The rails are connected to the legs via pocket hole screws and then scrap wood glue blocks are added to reinforce the joint (I have no intentions of breaking this table down so I didn’t take that into consideration for the design. It can fit through every doorway I need it to without taking it apart. After the perimeter is done a few center braces are added. Every horizontal piece under the top has pocket hole screws facing up into the top to hold it down.

  2. I cannot open this file. Can you email the plans under a simple attachment or send them in a different file? Thanks

  3. DEAR JAY,

    I AM a farmer, well, sorta. I have run 2 nurseries (greenhouses) and landscaping. But I AM NOT a carpenter! I’d like to have this table, but I’m lost. WHY DON’T YOU DO UP A VIDEO MAKING ONE OF THESE NICE TABLES SO WOOD-IDIOTS, LIKE ME, CAN SEE YOU DO IT STEP-BY-STEP, LIKE THE DOGHOUSE??? WE would REALLY appreciate your efforts to help us along…



    P.S. My dog, Sarah Long-Flower, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you make that house, which, by the way, is LOVELY!

  4. Hi Jay,

    Do you still have the Sketchup file available for this table. It does not appear to be on the web site?


  5. Hi Jay, thanks for the plans and very nice table. I just wanted to know, are those ‘boxes’ in the drawing, below the top, drawers? I couldn’t figure out by myself what they are and how to use them.


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