Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity

This vanity was built for my wife. She wanted plenty of storage, a mirror, and good lighting. I mounted a surge protector power strip in the top right drawer for her hair dryer and other items. I also mounted a light under the top which plugs into the power strip. Like most of my other projects, the stain is 2 coats of 50/50 Amber Shellac/Denatured Alcohol with a poly finish. This project was never actually completed as the hutch has no poly on it. During finishing I was gone from my shop for about a week only to return to find the roof caved in. It knocked the hutch to the floor but the base remained in place and was holding up the remaining parts of the ceiling. Luckily the ceiling was not heavy as it did not damage the project in any way. This was the last project in the old shop. Please excuse the mess by the way.

Makeup Vanity Makeup Vanity Makeup Vanity Makeup Vanity Makeup Vanity Makeup Vanity


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