Router Table Stand

Router table stand

The purpose of this build was to make my new router table mobile. I wanted something inexpensive, easy to move, and STRONG. The halflap joint is the strongest joint out there. I forget the sourced article but one of the major woodworking magazines published an article where they sent off samples of a couple dozen joints for testing and the halflap joint won. It beat the Festool Domino, biscuits, mortise and tenon, and the others. That sounds good to me because halflap joints are incredibly easy to make. I have since used this joinery on my table saw stand as well. I had the intentions of creating either drawers or enclosing the structure and making doors for the front. For now it is just a skeleton. It is solid as a rock though. I also wanted it to be mobile. The left two casters are swivel casters and the back two are one way casters. I saw a video on Ronald Walter’s YouTube channel regarding his mobile shop carts. He had a homemade locking wheel mechanism that I used on these. Tightening the knob pulls a piece of poplar into the wheels locking them. This was also good practice joinery with my dado blade. This simple design can also be used for any shop cart that is needed. Check out the video below to see how I put it together. Thanks for watching.Router table stand Router table stand Router table stand Router table stand Router table stand