Rustic Magazine Rack

Wall magazine rack

Items needed for a mans bathroom: toilet, toilet paper, magazine rack. Original design is from Popular Woodworking. Video and review also made by Marc at I have debated making a few of these as gifts but wanted to change it up a little. I couldn’t quite get the sizes down in my head so I built a prototype to the plans specifications to see what i could change. Definitely need more room at the top of each magazine to get it in and out and need to use thinner stock (width, not thickness) on the upper faces of each compartment so more of the magazine is visible. Marc used some stainless dowels for the uppers. Also wanted to experiment with some different stain. I like the way the stain turned out. Just one coat of Minwax Rubbing Stain and Finish. Thought I would give it a try for some smaller quick jobs. The entire project can be cut from 64” of 1×12. I can get good pine 1×12’s for 99cents per foot. Cheap and easy project. It took me about an hour to cut, assemble, and stain. $5.33 for the wood, 37 pocket hole screws at $.03 each, and about 25% of a $9 bottle of stain = $8.69. I think someone could batch out about 10 in 5 hours or so. Sell them for about $20 at a flea market?Wall magazine rack


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