SCORE!!! Free Laminate

Free Free Free! Does that get your attention? Anyone who does woodworking as a hobby should welcome those words. Cheap or free materials are all around us, we just have to look. While working on my pallet table build I ran out of screws. Coincidently, right before I left to the hardware store I got a text from one of the workers there saying I had some scrap laminate waiting for me. SCORE! I ended up walking away with 5 sink hole cutouts and some various other bar top and countertop cutoffs. This is really going to come in handy with my upcoming router table build. I believe I am going to remove this batch of formica from the particle board and re-laminate it to another, more stable surface. This is awesome! All coutertop shops or local lumber yards that cut custom formica countertops have scraps that they just throw away. Anyone can get them locally around here. A standard double sink cutout is large enough for most of our shop needs. Check this video out!


  1. Jay, how do you delaminate those? Heat gun? Iron?

    I often see crappy flat-pack cabinets, shelf units, and desk type furniture that people put out curb-side, so I have collected some decent Plam doors. Unfortunately, the shelving units are typically 12″ deep, so those Melamine pieces are are limited in their utility to things like jigs, fences, and yet more box sides.

  2. If you stop by local kitchen design stores they often have the sink cutouts and cutoffs from laminate and solid surface counter tops. I have used the sink cut outs for pottery bases in my pottery classes.

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