Trash to Treasure – Salt and Pepper Shakers #2

Salt and pepper shakers

These were made by cutting up more scraps from the previous Trash to Treasure projects. Right before this project I made two salt and pepper shaker sets out of maple and walnut and maple and poplar. My mother saw them and wanted a set of her own. Sometimes you just cant say no to Mom. This next set was made for her. I used some scrap walnut and maple. The construction of these is pretty straight forward. I start with the corner blocks and glue a contrasting strip in the middle. This is a two part glue up. The first glue up leaves me with two sides for the shakers. I then glue these sides together with another contrasting strip in the middle to make a square. After these have dried I used my table saw jointing jig to square up the faces of the shakers and then my miter saw to square the tops. The next step is to drill out the cavity to hold the material. I used the largest forestner bit I had to do this. Be careful if you do this. These large bits can build up a lot of heat pretty quick when drilling in end grain. With the cavity drilled I was ready to glue on the top and bottom pieces. The final step is to drill out a counter bore and through hole in the bottom to accept a cork stopper and some small holes in the top to allow material to flow out. I took a bunch of pictures with different lighting to show the different grain. There are 2 videos covering the build. Thanks for watching!

Salt and pepper shakers Salt and pepper shakers Salt and pepper shakers Salt and pepper shakers Salt and pepper shakers Salt and pepper shakers