Weekend Wall Shelf with a twist from TheWoodWhisperer

Wall Shelf

Taken directly from the WoodWhisperer’s website. Only change is that I am using 2x construction pine and threw some horse shoes. All from one piece of 2×10×10 from Lowes. Anyone can build one of these. Only tools used were a 12” speed square, sliding miter saw, and a circular saw. I messed up on the middle dado. As you can see from the pics I cut on the wrong side of the line. The spacing is off. I noticed the mistake right when I completed the cut but decided to go ahead with the project. Someone will get this one as a gift and I will build another for the dining room. Total cost was just shy of $18 including a % of my shellac and EM6000 cost. Easy, cheap, quick and anyone can build one! Link to a modified SketchUp file. Updated with thickness of 2x material and shelf depth is 7.25”. Marc’s original SketchUp fileWall Shelf Wall Shelf Wall Shelf Wall Shelf Wall Shelf Wall Shelf