Melisa Robert’s Homemade Ferret Cage

About a year ago my wife got two ferrets. I saw this as an opportunity for a woodworking project so I built a pretty large cage for them. After seeing it posted on my Facebook page, Melisa Roberts decided to make one for her ferrets. I gave her some diagrams from my build and told her what changes I have since made. In the end she made a couple great upgrades to the design. Mellisa writes:

I did not actually build the cage, my husband Eric did. It took about a month since he could only work on it on weekends and sometimes after work. I love this cage because there are three doors for easy access to all corners to make for easy cleaning. I also love the fact that it is 6 feet tall so there is no bending and hurting your back while cleaning it out or filling food dishes and water bottles. This cage is actually made to be big enough to house four ferrets comfortably. Right now I only have two ferrets that love the room they have to chase each other. Instead of using the white pvc piping my husband used two black flexible drainage pipes. I chose this piping because it has grooves to make for easy climbing inside and out. He nailed the pipes to the side if the cage so that it would remain motionless when they are are climbing in. He also drilled holes about two to three inches apart in the top of each pipe so that it wouldnt be too dark. My two ferrets (Didget and Bandit) will chase each other for hours up and down those pipes and they also love sleeping in them.

I think the cage turned out awesome and the upgraded doors are something I am smacking myself for not doing. Great job Melisa. So what do you guys think?

homemade ferret cage[wpfilebase tag=file id=2 /]


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  2. Paul

    Just b/c I’m a nervous nelly with animals – and I’m not doubting the love at all.
    1) If they window doesn’t have heavy drapes, should get some. Ferret cage areas should be dark. (Probably are there, just can’t see in pic)
    2) If you’ve got bare wire on the inside of the cage, gotta go overboard with stapling or they can, with wear, end up scratching animals or humans. (I just double up on the frame – gives a buffer for inevitable gnawing anyway)

    Awesome cage, M.

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