How To Build A Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Here is the perfect addition to the beautiful picnic table you just built. I saw an image of these somewhere in Facebook land (edit: Taylor Garden & Hobby) and thought I would try making some. It is impossible to know where this idea was originally born. Anyway, this is my interpretation of it. The wood I used was from a pallet. You would be amazed at how much beautiful wood is hidden inside pallets. Each mini picnic table can be made from one standard 3-1/2″ x 40″ pallet slat. Or make two from a standard pine 8′ 1×4. I used wood glue only to hold the entire piece together. You may have to wait a bit here and there for the glue to set up. After about 10-15 minutes they should be holding enough to complete the next step. Here are the instructions followed by a short video covering the build. Enjoy!

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Step 1:

Cut all of the pieces as shown

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Step 2:

Assemble the legs. This is done with glue only. No nails. If you are using a soft wood, such as pine, than you can use a pin nailer to help with the alignment. I tried this on my first hardwood piece and I kept bending the nails.

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Step 3:

Drill the appropriate size hole in the top piece for your condiment holders. Skip this step if you are just making the mini picnic tables.

Step 4:

Lay the top down with the good side down and glue the completed leg assemblies to the top. Make sure the legs are on the outside.

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Step 5:

Attach condiment holder rail from below with glue.

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

Step 6:

With the piece sitting upright, glue the seats in place.

Mini Picnic Table Condiment Holder

As you can see most of mine are not actually condiment holders. I messed up and cut the tops too narrow for the bottles I had. That’s ok. I can find a kid with Barbie dolls and give them to her.

It has come to my attention where this idea has originated from. The Facebook image I refer to in the beginning belongs to Taylor Garden & Hobby. And, as far as I can tell the original credit should be given to I just wanted to clarify that I am not taking credit for this mini table concept.

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  1. I have made several of these, the same pattern you posted. A real good seller with lots of positive comments are the ones I made with two holes for salt and pepper, using the small empty bottles of Jim Beam (salt) and Jack Daniels (pepper). You can get these at just about any liquor store for about 3.00 a set.


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