Thom’s Mini Picnic Table Pipe Holders

First he made the solar light table. Then the Adirondack chair wine bottle holder. And now Thom has made this awesome pipe rack. It’s so cool how a simple project can breed so much creativity. I wonder what he will come up with next? Thom writes:

Hey jay

The pipe rack picnic table can be built the same way as the condiment table with a few minor adjustments. The two boards for the benches must be at least 2 1/4″ wide to allow for the keyhole slots that the bowl of the pipe sits in. The keyhole slots can be made by drilling two holes with a 7/8″ spade bit set 7/8″ apart from each other at center. You can then use a router to clean up the oval and an ogee bit to fancy up the edges. The table itself can be made from (3) 2″ wide pieces or one 6″ piece. The slots on the table in which the stems of the pipes fit should be aligned with the keyhole slots on the benches. These stem slots should be made by drilling holes using a 3/4″ set 3/8″ in from the edge and then again cleaned up with a router. Make sure to have table legs with no greater an angle of 30° to ensure that the pipes sit up nicely. Happy building!

Be sure to check out Thom’s Keek page for more of his projects and comment below to tell him what you think of this project!

mini picnic table pipe holder1

mini picnic table pipe holder2

mini picnic table pipe holder3

mini picnic table pipe holder4

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  1. Jay thanks for posting this. Thom – great project. Too bad pipe smoking has become such a dying art. I use to smoke a pipe back when I was in high school (in the late 70’s) and even then not many people let alone young kids smoked a pipe. Back then a seldom smoked and now a cigar once in a while, but I was just telling my wife I might like to start breaking in a pipe again
    – just love the smoke of pipe tobacco. So with my thought and your inspiration… perhaps I’ll hed of to a smoke shop and hit the lumber yard on the way home.

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