Cracked Bandsaw Box Madness!

cracked bandsaw box

The reason I chose the word madness is because that’s exactly what it was…madness. This is one of those projects that require a lot more hand sanding than I would ever want to do again. That being said, I made four more.

My last batch was made from reclaimed poplar. This batch was from store bought poplar. I had every intention to make the pulls out of dark green poplar but the stock I found wasn’t quite dark enough. The fourth picture here shows one that I made with the poplar pulls. I ended up getting some walnut from my junk bin and making some brown pulls for the rest.

Because I had the option of choosing my own wood I tried to get the best looking grain for the fronts and backs. I ended up putting the best pieces in back as I thought the cuts and pulls on the front would take away from the natural beauty of the wood.

The black one was actually from the first batch last month. It was requested to be painted for my niece. In the end I like the way it turned out.  cracked bandsaw box cracked bandsaw boxcracked bandsaw box cracked bandsaw boxcracked bandsaw boxcracked bandsaw box


  1. I don’t like painting anything I make. But that black one looks sharp. I really like it. They are all great though. Great choice of wood.

  2. You really should give credit to Judson Beaumont for this design, as it is a scale copy of a full-size chest of drawers that he designed and makes.

    • In the original project article for these I originally linked to the source of where I got the drawn template. That website is no longer kept up. I also mentioned it was a design that I have seen repeatedly over the years by several other people and I’m not taking credit for the design.

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