Mike LaBruyere’s Pine Sofa Table

This is the first sofa table I have seen based on my design. It looks great! I love how the finish turned out. He used my amber shellac finishing technique as well. Mike writes:

Hi Jay,

I’m new to the word working craft, and have used YouTube as my primary means of learning. I found your channel, and it is very well done. Thank you for providing such valuable information, plans and knowledge. I’m looking forward to a rainy day when I can sit down with your recent SketchUp videos.

I recently finished my “upstairs” project. Using your plans and video for the Pocket Hole Sofa Table, I built a long needed table that is tall enough to sit along my oversized Lazy Boy recliner. Previously, I had a couple of TV trays screwed together from underneath. I used solid pine for the drawers, and a thicker panel for the top. I used a suggestion from one of the YouTube posts, and found a 4×4 untreated fir post for the legs and cut them down to 2×2 before tapering. That was a bit of a pain as my table saw blade wasn’t tall enough to make it through the 4×4 with one cut. I also used your Shellac and Lacquer finishing technique, which turned out great. I hope the top holds up to frequent use.

Thanks again,

Mike LaBruyere

Lindenhurst, IL

IMG_20130922_143202_167 IMG_20130930_192606_366


  1. Thanks Jay, This is a real fun project to build.Your plan is perfect, allowing enough structure for newbie like me to learn and enough detail to be customized. Even better the plan was for something I needed and can use every day. Your amber shellac finishing turned out great too, everyone to check that video out. I have a bunch more pics during the build if anyone is interested. Can’t wait for the next project. Thanks Mike Lindenhurst Illinois

  2. Wow Mike, that came out beautiful. For a first time you really knocked it out of the park! Hope to see more.

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