A Collection Of Table Saw Jig Videos

The most common requests I get are related to table saw jigs. There are hundreds of table saw sled videos on YouTube and people still seem to want me to make one. Well I currently do not have the need for another table saw crosscut sled so you won’t see one from me any time soon. Instead, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of table saw jig videos that I like. Keep in mind that the following videos do not show the only way to get the job done. For the most part, there are many ways to make jigs. These videos happen to be the ones that I have enjoyed over the years. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Miter Sled

A miter sled is one of those jigs that are incredibly valuable. Once you make one there is zero setup….none. No more guess work to make sure your pieces will form a 90° corner. A miter sled does not have to be complicated. Here’s an extremely simple and accurate version that anyone can make.

Tapering Jig

I’ve previously made a tapering jig that I like but the video sucked. I’ll save you the boredom and give you a few other good examples. First is John Heisz’s tapering jig. John’s  design is very unique. He also has a free SketchUp file and build article available on his website.

Here’s another good one from Brian at Garage Woodworks.

Box Joint/Finger Joint Jig

I have three jigs for this topic. The first is an extremely easy setup that will allow you to make a few box joints quickly.

If you’re wanting something a bit more permanent with repeatable accuracy and longevity here are a couple options. The following two box joint jigs are from two individuals who earn their living by making quality videos, jigs, and plans. I shouldn’t have to say much more. Both are extremely well done. First, Matthias’s screw advance box joint jig. Plans for Matthias’s screw advance box joint jig are available here.

And John’s advanced box joint jig. Plans for John’s advanced box joint jig are available here.

Cross Cut Sled

A cross cut sled is probably the most popular jig to make for your table saw. The ability to accurately and safely cross cut wider panels is very welcoming to any table saw owner. Because this is the most popular table saw jig there are quite a few videos online. Here’s two that I like. The first is a lengthy video showing a solid construction method.

A large sled like the one above isn’t always necessary. Here’s a smaller sled.


Tenon Jig

This plywood tenon jig is probably more accurate, repeatable, and versatile than those mass produced cast iron jigs that you can purchase.

Maybe you’re like me and get along better with simplicity. If so, check this one out.

Corner Spline Jig

A corner spline jig really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this. Keep it simple.

Dovetail Jig

Dovetails on the table saw? Yup. Matthias has a neat table saw jig for dovetails. Plans for Matthias’s table saw dovetail jig are available here.

Cove/Raised Panel Jig

There’s no plans available for this cove/raised panel jig yet. But the video is pretty self explanatory on how it is made.

Mill A Log On Your Table Saw

This is a neat jig that will allow you to safely mill lumber from small logs on your table saw.

Well this post is getting quite long so I’d better stop here. I could go on for days. Let me know what you think. There’s still enough good material floating around out there to make a version two of this post.


  1. Ultimate crazy jigs for a table saw – look no further than Izzy Swan of Think Woodworks on Youtube. My personal fav – turning a bowl on a table saw!! Worth checking out

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