Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #17– January 26, 2014

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Jack Houweling

Pretty cool wedged mortise and tennon expiriment by Jack. It looks pretty darn strong.


Here’s a quick way to bring out the purple in purple heart. Beautiful pen too! Didn’t I mention in the last Around The Web post that I want to get a lathe one day? Still do.


This is a random old video I found when I got my drill press a few weeks ago. It shows how to take apart a drill press chuck for cleaning. I never new this so I figured it would be good information to share.

Alexander Grabovetskiy

I truely believe anyone can create awesome woodworking projects. However not everyone can carve like this guy. Holy smokes Batman! This guy is incredible!! (click the image to check out his website)



John Heisz

More storage options for the shop. Nice little storage boxes. I really want a nice box joint jig…

Matthias Wandel

More awesome marble blocks. This time he made a simplified version that can be made without a pantograph or slot mortiser.


  1. The Purple Heart – video was great I learn’t a lot, so with the Drill Chuck, I think it is essential to keep all your
    tools well serviced – they are all expensive so why not take care of them.

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