SketchUp: Selection Tool

In this video I talk about the selection tool and a few things you may not know regarding it. For example making a selection box from left to right is a “selection window”. This means that anything 100% completely inside the “window” will be selected. Making a selection box from right to left is a “selection crossing”. Anything that crosses the area or perimeter of the rectangle will be selected. You can also select and deselect multiple items by using the shift key and clicking with your mouse. Using the ctrl key and clicking with your mouse will only add to your selection and not delete from your selection.

I always recommend using keyboard shortcuts for everything you do in SketchUp. It will greatly increase your efficiency. The keyboard shortcut for the selection tool is the “space bar”.


  1. Wow Jay, This is really good information. It’s better than the instruction that I purchased from a ‘Popular’ magazine.
    Thanks. This is going to get me going in sketchup a lot faster.

  2. Sketchup question. I built a box by drawing a 30″W x 80″L rectangle and then pulled it up 12″. Then using the offset tool, came in 1.5 inches and used the push/pull to push that down 12 inches, thus my box is formed. Once done I made it a component. This now looks like a pretty molded box, showing now “end cuts.” My question is:

    How can I take this and show it to be actually made of 4 individual boards (2 30″ and 2 80″)?
    I did figure out using rectangle tool and the push/pull that I can make it appear as those the boards butt up, but I can’t seem to get sketchup to then allow me to individually move any one side. Is this possible or should I simply draw four boards and butt them up as I wish?

    • Always make each individual board and make it a component before making the next board. Just as you would in the shop. If not, you will end up having a ton of trouble trying to modify your design.

        • Never make Groups. Always make components. Think of it like woodworking. A 2×4 isn’t a component of the final project but after you cut a 12″ board that will be added to your project that 12″ board is a component of the project. So, once you get each board or piece of plywood the size it will be in the final project make it a component.

  3. I am interested in getting into using the sketchup program. Is there a certain one that is better for just basic woodworking and smaller projects?

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