Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #21 – February 23, 2014

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Chris Pine

Here’s an easy rolling pin that anyone with a lathe can make. I really like how this one turned out. Great wood selection.

Ethiopian carpenter Sentayehu Teshale

This is incredible. Carpenter Sentayehu Teshale from Ethiopia cuts and assembles stools using his feet. I couldn’t embed the video but if you click the link you can go to the watch page on (click the image)


Steve Carmichael

Steve makes a pretty neat bandsaw vase. I love the way this turned out. Creative! You can get Steve’s free plan on his website by clicking here.

John Heisz

John has a In The Workshop video series going on and this time he shows his sanding station. There’s a lot of good ideas here. I wish I had more space for something like this. If you would like to more about the sanding station you can check out the article on his website by clicking here.

Another one from John is his marking gauge. An easy and effective design that anyone can make. Read more about it on his website by clicking here.

Jack Houweling

Jack always has useful projects. Here is his recent shooting board.


Pete made a cool whisky barrel coffee table. This looks like a great conversation piece for when you have company. How many people do you know with whisky barrel furniture?



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