SketchUp: Dados

Dados are a common joint in woodworking. Making them in SketchUp is incredibly easy. You basically just need to have to parallel lines.

There are several ways to have parallel lines in SketchUp. Once you have an area to cut use the push/pull tool to remove the material to your desired depth. You can also create stopped dados with ease. Check out this video for a visual demonstration.


  1. Big fan of your website and videos, Jay. Keep up the great work, and congrats on the new house. If you don’t mind, I have a non-woodworking related question: what app or program do you use to record your computer monitor and narrate over the top? Thanks.

    • In Linux I used SimpleScreenRecorder and it is hands down the very best screen capture program I have ever used on any operating system. Currently I have to use a Windows machine for my video editor and the only one I have found to get decent 1080 quality is Camtasia Recorder which is pretty pricey.

  2. Jay, big fan of sketchup myself. Just found your youtube channel and page recently. I self taught sketchup and have been doing these kinds of things the long way. Great videos on how to short cut these things. I’ll have to watch them all when I get time. Awesome work man!

    BTW, is a free version of camtasia for videos under 5 min.

  3. Jay, I haven’t read through every single article…yet, so You may already know this. I want to tell You what I do If I HAVE to use a windows only program( I run linux mint currently),..I use Oracle VM Virtual Box for a pain free experience. Very small learning curve, and plenty of You Tube tutorials. My work around to run Sketchup on a linux system is to run Vista in virtual box. Your mileage may vary with video editing software. You just might be able to justify a higher horsepower computer. Thanks for all the awesome content!

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