Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #24 – March 16, 2014

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A very cool outdoor kids kitchen with scrap wood. I bet a lot of kids would spend a lot of time having fun with this easy build.

John Heisz

Yet another home made clamp by John. A kant twist clamp. John has a free template that you can download here. Here’s a very cool video showing the construction.


A simple bird house from a fence picket. Not all projects have to be complex.

Fr. Thomas Bailey, OSB

A nice idea for mounting anything via the french cleat system with a simple bracket. Good idea.


Not only is the idea neat and useful but I really enjoyed the production of this video. Great job Brian.

Basswood Modular: Tri-Horses

While I wouldn’t buy this setup looking at it being assembled might give you some ideas. Let the creativity start flowing.

Ron Paulk

Ron has plans for a lot of his work stations. This one however is a little too unique to make plans for. It’s his box truck mobile workstation. HOLY SHNIKEYS!!!

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