9 Inspirational Homemade Bookends, I Really Like How The Last One Turned Out!

A few months ago Jack Houweling did some top secret classified behind the scenes collaboration emailing to ask a few woodworking YouTuber’s if we wanted to participate in a collaboration project week. The project of choice was bookends. An extremely simple project that can take on an array of characteristics and personalities. The cool thing is nobody knew how each others finished project would look. Yesterday was the day to publish and boy was it fun to see what everyone else came up with. So if you haven’t already seen them, take off your inspiration safety glasses and absorb as much as you can. Hopefully this list will get you pumped up to knock out some creative woodworking this weekend and pass the inspiration along to someone else. Have fun everyone!

Jack Houweling

Hand screw clamp sliding dovetail. Jack started the day out with a nice set of oak bookends. These screw clamps look so nice!

Frank Howarth

Classic Frank Howarth style. Awesome project with a fantastic stop motion production.

Steve Carmichael

Saw blade shop bookends. I love Steve’s final setup. Looks like he completed a nice part of his shop with these.

Dominic Bender

Bookend Party Crasher. Dominic say’s he crashed the party but I’m not sure. I’m leaning more toward another awesome take on a simple project. I love this style of bookend where an item “flows’ through both bookends.

Izzy Swan

Drill powered driftwood bookends. Izzy Swan, reclaimed materials, crazy jigs. I don’t have to say anything else. Just watch it.

Steve Ramsey

Scroll sawed bookends. It’s nice to see Steve bring color into his projects. Most of us tend to stick with the traditional dull browns of wood stain.

Jay Bates

Yeah, I couldn’t resist the fun either. Pallet wood bookends. I really had no direction with how I was going to make this video as the project was basically a few different random size cuts so I tried to take the path of inspiration. Hopefully it worked.

John Heisz

Homemade clamp bookends. John has made some really interesting clamping devices over the years. This one didn’t live up to his expectations in the clamping department so instead he made a cool set of bookends out of it.

Alain Vaillancourt

Intarsia book ends. I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. Anyone who has done an involved intarsia project like these knows how much work is involved. There’s a lot of time spent on this project and the instant the spray lacquer is applied it is all worth it.