Homemade Router Lift Number 3

When I sold my old table saw station both routers and lifts went with it. I’ve been without a router table for about two months now and honestly I haven’t missed it too much. The time without it has given me the opportunity to think about if I really need a dedicated router table. Putting another lift in my table saw wing is definitely out of the question. For me it was a big inconvenience to go from “table saw mode” to “router table mode.” It does have it’s advantages for those with a small work area but for me I didn’t want to go that route again. Instead I will be building a wall mounted router table.

Obviously I need to build the lift before the table so I went with the design that has worked for me in the past. It’s John Heisz’s homemade router lift design from ibuildit.ca. You can purchase a set of plans by CLICKING HERE. It’s well worth the price.

I’m going with a compact, full featured, wall mounted table design. It will hang on the wall at waist height via a french cleat when needed. And because of it’s light weight I will be able to pick it up and hang it high on the wall when not in use. This allows me to save floor space as I wont have a dedicated footprint taking up space in the shop when it’s not in use. I plan to use it on the small wall between my hallway and the “kitchen.” Because this is a temporary “mount it and use it” tool I am able to use it in an area that would otherwise be out of the question for a dedicated tool footprint.

The table top and fence will be small. I seem to only use a router table for edge work and never use it for dados so I don’t need a lot of table depth. There will also be a 4″ dust collector port on the bottom for use in the shop. I haven’t made up my mind on weather or not I want to add supports to use it on a set of sawhorses or not. We’ll see.

In the meantime you can check out the video above showing the router lift being built. It’s a paid plan so I obviously couldn’t go into detail with the design. Also, below are a few concept images for the table that I made a few weeks ago. I don’t have any sizes worked out yet but I’m trying to stay small and compact with this one. Stay tuned…

router-2 router-1



  1. Very well designed. The bearing might run smoother if the slot top & bottom were over-sized then lined with plastic laminate or that self stick plastic on a roll that is used to help wood drawers slide on wood runners. Or maybe hardwood insert into the plywood form? A slot in hardwood could be polished smooth, even waxed. Beveled hardwood runners might help the unit slide up & down smoother. Just thoughts, and I REALLY want your evaluation of the suggestions. Like I mentioned in my first letter, I am such a novice at building & designing for real, lots of theoretical book learning over the years, but not much time for actual DOING until now. I am building a nice wood shop both for myself and for my nephew when I am gone. So , once again, thank you, Jay.

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