Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #31 – May 10, 2014

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Jeff Ferguson

This is one of the easiest solutions I’ve seen to connecting two odd size dust collection or shopvac hoses. I can never find the correct size fittings to match what I’m wanting to use at a box store.

Izzy Swan

A router etch-a-sketch?!!? Where do I sign up for one of these!

John Heisz

Making Ninja Throwing Stars version 2

Sterling Davis

Here’s another new woodworking YouTuber. Check this out and if you like the video subscribe so you don’t miss any of his new content!

Darbin Orvar

I really like the style of her videos. This video has a great discussion too.

I Like To Make Stuff

A super simple way to make a nice floating shelf.

Steve Ramsey

Here’s Steve’s craft closet organizer. I really like the idea of converting a closet to a nook in the room.