George Mason’s Summer Campground Setup

This website isn’t a one way stream of information and inspiration. I love seeing what everyone else comes up with as well! The more we share our knowledge and ideas with each other the more creative we can be. If you would like to submit a project for everyone else to see click here. Recently George sent me some pics of his summer campground setup where he made a modified set of my benches to add to a nice summer getaway space. Check it out and be sure to let George know what you think!

Greetings Jay,

I watched your video as i have a picnic table that my Dad had built and I found it quite uncomfortable.  Plus someone was always straddling the leg it seemed when we ate at it.  So I modified your plans for the bench to be 8 foot long and then built the table.  I wanted to set it under a pergola which was 8X8 so then I modified the plans yet again to male them 7 feet.  I added a center support, and they are strong and perfect for a enjoyable family meal, plus Part of my Dad is still with us at the family table.  You can see the wood color differences and the darker wood is Dads, and the lighter is the new.  my plan is to sand it all down piece by piece and use Sickens Cetol and a clear over it. summer campground setup (1)summer campground setup (4)

This is at the campground where we have a summer site.  Delaware Water Gap / Pocono Mountain KOA.  I built the one bench Thursday after work, the second Friday after work, and the table Saturday. We had Breakfast, and family dinner on it Sunday. summer campground setup (3)summer campground setup (2)
I hope you are ok with the modifications to your creation.  I wanted to seat the whole family and keep Dad as part of our life.

George Mason

I’m absolutely OK with any modifications to my designs. Feel free to build and change anything that I make. It looks like you have a nice special place to make some memories and get away from the city lights for a bit. Great job George.



  1. Looks great. I just wonder if the pergola meets local codes? Where I live it would not survive the wind.

  2. Very nice job George any thing one can make that is shared with family is one more way
    to strength family bonds . Thanks for sharing

  3. Well done George they look great when I return to England (UK) I will be making something like your set up to with the chairs I had ago at making earlier in the year here in Sardinia

  4. Great build George! I really like your idea for a portable deck, using the “parquet floor” look. I might use that at my summer camp area. Keep the family unit strong!

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