Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #38 – July 12, 2014

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Chris Pine

Here’s a great recycling project from Chris.

B&K Painting

I’ve learned nearly everything I know about woodworking from Google and YouTube. The same is true for my maintenance day job. This is a good channel for painting related tips and tricks. And this video shows a great way to spruce up the look of a front entry door.

This is a multiple part series of a hall tree that David is making. So far he’s up to three videos. Click the image to go to the beginning of this project.

Peter Brown

I love watching videos where I actually learn something. I’ve never etched copper so this was very interesting.

Jack Houweling

Here’s a good one from Jack. Makes me want to make some chess pieces…

John Heisz

John’s videos always get you thinking outside the box.

Alain Vaillancourt

Going to be totally honest and say I’m glad I’m not the one doing all of that work! But the reward he will have is well worth it.