Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #39 – July 26, 2014

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Un Trabajo Feliz

This is a very well put together 49 minute woodworking video on the build of a classic table. If you have the time definitely get lost in this video. No talking. Just woodworking.

The Cheapskate Woodworker

Check out Larry’s first woodworking video. He made a portable Router table that is used on a pair of sawhorses complete with the same router lift that I used. Good job Larry!

JordsWoodShop Podcast

I can see a LOT of people wanting to do this. Myself included! I’m always at awe watching Frank Howarth’s large disk sander. Here’s an opportunity to make one!

I Like To Make Stuff

I really like this bench that Bob put together. I’m also glad he didn’t make it rustic. I’m a fan of using pallet wood in projects but I always plane the wood down a bit first.

Nick Ferry

This is a neat idea. You could use it to store anything!

This Old house

I could really use some of these storage options. But I’d rather make the trays out of wood.

Alain Vaillancourt

Someone told Alain to go big or go home. He chose to go big AT his home. This shop build series is really impressive. Here he makes a crane. Yes…a crane.


  1. I just found Jay’s All Around The Web and am starting from the beginning. Would you happen to have the URL for that video. Thanks.

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