SketchUp: Dust Collection Pipe Hanger Brackets

This is a pretty straight forward bracket design. And with the use of SketchUp I can get a really accurate curve to accept a 4″ PVC pipe. I designed these brackets to take place of the plastic strapping I was using in the old shop.

After the model is done I used Matthias’ BigPrint program to print an accurate one to one scale template. If you would like more information on the BigPrint program you can find it at

You can download the sketchup file here:

dust collection brackets


  1. A great quick lesson in Sketchup I learned more in 8 minutes than I did in a couple of hours of looking at the program.Thanks.

    • I agree. Your ‘play-by-play’ commentary of what you’re clicking on and typing really makes it easier to follow.

      After watching the SketchUp tutorial on making a small table & drawing a room, I still had trouble making a couple of 2×4’s and piece of plywood for the workbench I was making. I’m definitely going to watch some more of your videos on SketchUp.

      • Thanks John. I appreciate it. If you hover your mouse over the SketchUp button on the top menu of this website you will find a link to all of my sketchup tutorials. Good luck!

  2. Jay thanks for the detailed sketchup plan. I really like using sketchup to draw out my projects. One thing you might want to look at is a free script that can be added to sketchup to allow you to print off templates of your work. I found it on Here is the link bleow. By the way I was able to get the script to work inside of Ubuntu 14.04 as well so I know it works in both Windows and Linux

  3. Great video jay. I was wondering if there is another way i could use to make a template for the bracket other than big print. I just started re doing my dust collection and these will work great for me. thanks and keep making these videos you rock dude

  4. Jay,
    I don’t have “Crossing” to delete half of a circle. I’m using Sketchup 2015. Am I missing something? Whats the key commands for crossing please?


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